How to Conduct Customer Interviews to Accelerate Growth and Develop an Awesome Service

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The Mom Test and Three Common Errors When Taking to Customers

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Five Great Questions for Customer/User Interactions

Eric brings to our attention five great questions to be asked in customer interaction.

The Three Critical Phases for an Early-Stage Startup

My uncle, who is now departed, told me years ago that all business start from small things. I would argue that these starting points are crucial; you need to have a system on starting businesses. That is why I am glad to have learned this simple categorisation of early-stage startups.

You can always feel when product/market fit isn’t happening. The customers aren’t quite getting value out of the product, word of mouth isn’t spreading, usage isn’t growing that fast, press reviews are kind of “blah”, the sales cycle takes too long, and lots of deals never close.

And you can always feel product/market fit when it’s happening. The customers are buying the product just as fast as you can make it — or usage is growing just as fast as you can add more servers. Money from customers is piling up in your company checking account. You’re hiring sales and customer support staff as fast as you can. Reporters are calling because they’ve heard about your hot new thing and they want to talk to you about it. You start getting entrepreneur of the year awards from Harvard Business School. Investment bankers are staking out your house.”

Do you get the point? This is the difference between big business and small business. Of course, you can use all these tactics to aim to become a small giant, like Bo Burlingham explains in his book “Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big”, but if you want to aim big here is the door you need to walk through.

A double trade sale exiter, a triple MSc entrepreneur with a set goal to do a one more startup and then go full time professional meditation.

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