A Million Dollar Business Idea – Bubble News

You are reading this because this article is part of your personal bubble, a part algorithm a part your behaviour driven sphere of all the content that you see. You thought that you freely choose to read this, but in fact a lot has already happened before the choice appeared to you.

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Based on what you see, hear, and read you imagine the World that is out there.

You see just your personal bubble, and you see only a part of the World. What you see is highly subjective.

Not only it is subjective but in this digital era there are a ton of algorithms continuously sending you stuff and guiding you into things that, based on your previous behaviour, you are likely to engage more. Thus, your bubble will be more and more specialised to you and you become less connected to other types of bubbles. You become less connected from others.

Based on this view you go about with your job or run your business and tackle family chores and everything else that you do.

But think this over. The World is actually a collection of subjective experiences. Everybody’s personal bubbles. This makes the World. To see all the different bubbles from within at the same time, would make a more comprehensive World view. One that is correct.

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Ok. I admit. That might be a stretch to imagine.

The point that I am here trying to make is that if I do my actions based on the subjective bubble that I only see, I run a great risk on doing the wrong actions. Why?

Because from another bubble the situation would look totally different!

Thus *drumroll*, Bubble News, a solution to the problem at hand, in where we see the World news filtered from different bubbles. As we understand what is shown in other bubbles unlike ours, we develop our understanding and become more connected with others.

This could mean bubbles combined from every demographic. Imagine different locations. Think about seeing inside other cultures, other languages.

I have travelled and lived enough to see and visit so many different bubble types. All are mine of course, but it’s like that I totally swapped the contents for a while.

This usually happens when you travel to another country and more over when you travel to another continent. Now it’s happening when you, ”travel” to another smart phone.

So, that’s it. Make it so that we can see all the bubbles.

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Ofcource this could, and should, be developed further. The idea is quite not yet ready for presenting to a VC with an ask of M1.0$ for post money 50%. Which I think, would be enough to make a decent shot at this.

At the end, it might even not be the news that would set the rocket off. But something else. It’s all about testing, testing and testing until you find the correct business model.

But what is sure, is that there will be bubbles.

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Henri Yoki (LinkedIn) is an experienced startup enthusiast, who loves to hardcore use excel in business analysis, loses sometimes his sleep thinking of new business ideas, and who is interested like-his-life-would-depend-on-it of using ancient powerful meditation practices to directly examine how his mind works.

A double trade sale exiter, a triple MSc entrepreneur with a set goal to do a one more startup and then go full time professional meditation. www.henriyoki.com