Modern-day entrepreneurs rely on a stack of skills and technology to build their company, which is why they’re called Smart Business Solutions.

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There has been a shift from traditional marketing methods towards more innovative ways of reaching customers and making sales in today's world. One such way is using digital technologies like SaaS services, websites, blogs, mobile apps and eCommerce platforms. These digital business tools have become very popular among both businesses and consumers for convenience and efficiency.

You are reading this blog, for example.

One reason for me writing a blog is to get some hands-on experience to understand…

Advice on how you can 10x your business in no time!

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What is a Business Growth Consultant?

A business growth consultant is a professional who assists companies with the process of growing their business.

A business growth consultant is in charge of improving and growing the company in an all-encompassing way. The main objective of these professionals is to increase revenue and/or customers while making sure that all operations are running smoothly.

Business growth consultants typically have an extensive background in marketing, corporate strategy, finance and operations management. They can also be found among experienced managers and executives who have experience in successful company turnarounds or expansions.

They know growth both in theory and in practice. They…

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I didn’t know what founders equity really meant with my first company, and I did everything myself.

Lots of long hours. Nobody to talk to. Making all the decisions by myself; often not knowing if I was doing everything correctly.

Tons of anxiety. Self-doubt.

Back then, I was quite alone with my venture. Going solo wasn’t easy.

In my second venture, after all my business studies and work experience, things were different.

I was dead set on not doing it alone.

And I didn’t. I ended up running a team just shy of a dozen with maybe a little too…

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I have seen it in my daily life; it doesn’t matter how much you are doing if you are doing the wrong things. You are just wasting time. Focusing on the right things and managing your schedule makes a big difference; it can make you or break you.

This is especially important if you have jumped on a startup that goes from as Dave Schools did. Hats off for that!

I’m writing my way through my studies in the World’s best , run by . In this article, I walk…

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If you haven't built your MVP yet, you are trying to figure out which features to put in, nobody is using it, or it has been taken longer to launch than you have expected, this article is just for you!

I’ll let Y Combinator’s partner and co-founder run you the basics to get you up with speed with launching your MVP, which stands, for those who don’t know, Minimum-Viable-Product. It is the first thing you need to build to get feedback from your early users and customers.

These are not just my ideas. This article is based…

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’s has often been referred to as the best startup school in the World; I can say it is no joke! This article is my fourth in the series, and now we are looking at how to with Kevin Hale, an early Y Combinator partner and co-founder of Wufoo.

Recapping The Startup Hypothesis

If you have , you are sure , and you have been , that’s awesome! However, a brief recap will not hurt us.

Kevin reiterates “I basically say a startup idea is a hypothesis for why your company is…

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I’m still on track to finish my . This time YC Partner teaches the course “. It is in essence about generating business benefit by maintaining a direct link to your customers, knowing them inside-out and, thus, with this understanding making your offering even greater. This article summarises the course with the key points.

Eric kicks off:

“…at the core, the best companies are the ones where the founders themselves maintain a direct connection to their users.”

As I wrote in my previous article, on

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I have proceeded to my next module in ; this time is showing us how to evaluate startup ideas. Here are my thoughts, elaboration and the key points from the course.

To begin, I read some time ago that serial entrepreneurs typically carry a list of somewhat 100 startup ideas. I can easily relate to that; if your thing is thinking of ideas for new ventures and you really enjoy it, you will for sure end up with a massive list at some point.

Stemming from it it is vital to separate bad…

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I just finished Paul Graham’s course on that are freely available in the Y Combinator’s Here are in my opinion the key points from the course with some of my comments. Hope you enjoy it! :)

But before we kick in, I want to express why I wrote this. Confession; I have an obsession coming up with new startup ideas. In the past, I would literally wake up during the middle of the night and obsessively think about new ideas without being able to sleep. So, I had to study and learn how to deal…

You are reading this because this article is part of your personal bubble, a part algorithm a part your behaviour driven sphere of all the content that you see. You thought that you freely choose to read this, but in fact a lot has already happened before the choice appeared to you.

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Based on what you see, hear, and read you imagine the World that is out there.

You see just your personal bubble, and you see only a part of the World. What you see is highly subjective.

Not only it is subjective but in this digital era there…

Henri Yoki

A double trade sale exiter, a triple MSc entrepreneur with a set goal to do a one more startup and then go full time professional meditation.

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